Illustrated Storyboards TV Commercials and Videos

TV Commercials

TV commercials are typically complex, expensive productions involving large teams of people.

For creative directors, art directors and copywriters this is their most visible work. To tell a story in 60”, 30” or less demands discipline as well as creativity.

As the storyboard artist my job is to capture the spirit of the film as well as its style and content. In the studio I absorb all I can from the creative team and work collaboratively with them to produce a storyboard that captures the essence of the idea and conveys it powerfully for the production team and client.

Brand, Corporate and Web Films

Just about every organisation, whether it is marketing itself to other businesses or consumers now has a film or a series of films that project its brand.

The production companies that make these films use storyboards both to help clients understand the shape and feel of the finished product and as working production tools. It’s my role to interpret the director’s vision in an engaging but realistic way.

Sometimes my storyboard is used to pitch for the work. Whether I’m showing people, products or processes, it is all about achieving the correct balance between selling the idea and keeping it real.